Mozilla Firefox which is one of the free and open source browsers was launched in 2002. After some years this browser has lost its popularity due to the launch of Google Chrome. Google Chrome is the most preferred browser even today. However, Mozilla Firefox has not been erased from the market. The company is making constant efforts to improve its functionality and regain the consumer base.

Google Chrome has gained huge popularity due to its user-friendly nature and simplicity. However, this browser also has some drawbacks and many users reported the freezing and crashing issues. Yet it is one of the most-liked browsers today. All other browsers like Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox have failed in front of Google Chrome.

Mozilla Firefox has made a major comeback with the release of Firefox 57. Instead of specifying the Firefox browser version number, Mozilla has named this browser as Firefox Quantum. The company says that this is not just an updated version but it has much more features to offer to its users.

Firefox Quantum will be a major leap in the existing browser. This browser will be equipped with rewritten browser engine along with many new components. With the launch of Firefox Quantum, the device performance will be enhanced. It will also reduce the memory usage and will feature the use of multiple cores.

Hence the drawback seen in earlier Firefox version are overcome in the new versions. The use of multiple cores will help the users to open multiple tabs without any lag. It will also consume less power than the chrome. Firefox Quantum also boasts its revamped interface and design which will improve the speed and efficiency of the browser.

Firefox Quantum comes with 2 new tools namely Pocket and Screenshot which will help users to save articles and capture screenshot. Some major changes are also made in the internal specifications like the coding part. The browser is designed using Rust programming language.

Firefox Quantum is still in the Beta stage and some changes are expected in this browser. However, when it comes to the speed of the browser, this browser is faster than Google Chrome. The main question in user’s mind is that whether this browser can replace Google Chrome and its popularity?

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