The number of people suffering from obesity is rising in numbers. In order to stay fit and maintain healthy body weight various physical activities, proper diet is followed. According to the latest news, obesity is one of the main reason behind 13 different type of cancers in the United States. Many people opt for different beverages like green tea to boost their weight loss journey. According to the new research conducted by the researchers the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) black tea can help you in losing weight.

Many people try out different methods to lose weight. One-third of the American individuals are suffering from obesity and its related side-effects. Adding black tea to your weight loss routine can help you in shedding down kilos. Black tea is largely consumed in America.

We all are aware of the benefits of drinking green tea. But black tea offers much more health benefits than green tea. Both black tea and green tea are the tested methods which can help us in losing weight, just their way of working is different. This study showing the benefits of black tea and its impact on our weight loss journey can be found in European Journal of Nutrition.

Black tea contains a compound called polyphenols which acts as an antioxidant that protects our cellular structures from damage. These compounds get absorbed into our bloodstream and interfere with the energy metabolism of our liver. This helps us to lose weight. The compound present in black tea interferes with the functioning of gut bacteria to promote weight loss and maintain good health.

These black tea molecules accumulate in the intestine which leads to the growth of gut-friendly bacteria to help in weight loss. Hence the consumption of black tea or green tea is recommended since they induce the growth of good microbes. By consuming these two beverages, the number of obesity-causing bacteria decreased while the number of bacteria inducing the weight loss process increased.

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