Just the moment after users started using Apple’s updated iOS 11.0.2 version, they came across a number of glitches with the operating system. Isn’t it hateful? Imagine buying a smart device with excitement and the moment you take it in your hands, it starts irritating you. Something similar happened with Apple’s iOS 11.0.2 users.

Users are facing a number of problems including low performance and very petite battery life. This is exactly similar to what users of previous iOS 11 and iOS 11.0.2 versions suffered. So, updating the OS did not make any difference.

Users who did not downgrade their system to Apple latest iOS are lucky enough. That means they have no chance to turn back to iOS 11 or iOS 11.0.1. It’s good that there are some positive points as well. Previously, iOS 11 made speaker sound of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus to burst and email attachments to disrupt.

This malfunctioning will be eliminated in iOS 11.0.2. The updated version will be useful to those users who were facing such sort of problems. But, it’s not worth upgrading the OS for most of the users as it does not fulfill the basic requirements of every user – that is performance and battery life.

The new operating system has not yet notified its users of any security updates. Moreover, it brought a number of other debilitating problems. So, most of them are eagerly waiting for next version of Apple’s iOS 11.0.3.

Experts have already started to work on iOS 11.1 version and are on the way of beta testing. So, till then users have to make their move with the current update. iPhone, iPod, and iPad users don’t just sightlessly click on the update button otherwise your life would really become messy, at least till the moment when Apple will come up with a solution.

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