Elon Musk made an announcement on Tuesday to take off 100 passengers for a journey to Mars by 2024. Before that, SpaceX will direct a non-crew space flight to Mars in 2022. At times, the distance of Mars from our planet is 54 million kilometers while sometimes it goes farthest at a distance of 401 million kilometers.

The flight that will take off in 2022 will carry all the necessary equipment and resources needed in space to survive and for research purposes. Later, in 2024, the agency will send colonize the red planet. Hanging out on Mars will drastically change the face of transportation over the Earth.

The average speed of the spaceship will be 27,000 kilometers per hour. Musk says, “If building a spacecraft that takes the person to the red planet is so easier then, the same technology can be used to make a person travel anywhere on the Earth’s surface.” Coming to the fare rate of flying then it will be same as entire tariff budget in an aircraft.

Musk is planning to blast off an aircraft that will make you travel to any part of the world. He has made an animated film of aircraft carrying people from New York to Shanghai. The average time taken by a common flight to travel from New York to Shanghai is 15 hours but with SpaceX’s aircraft, the time required will get reduced to 39 minutes only.

SpaceX makes good business by launching a number of spacecraft each year. The manned spacecraft will give a heavy smack to their pockets. SpaceX has to invest $10 billion for this project. It is in need of a lot of manpower and resources. If agencies from other countries provision a bit for this project then it’s definitely going to be a big strength for the company.

Close together other space agencies have launched a number of telescopes and space missions for fruitful discoveries. But, the manned mission will be more productive as compared to the unmanned missions, researchers say.

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